IMG-20140106-WA0027IMG-20140106-WA0028 IMG-20140106-WA0030IMG-20140106-WA0025 1ND7_6538IMG-20140106-WA0022 IMG-20140106-WA0021 IMG-20140106-WA0020 ND7_6441 ND7_6416 ND7_6409 ND7_6706 ND7_6688 ND7_6781 ND7_7133 ND7_7333 ND7_7211 ND7_7142 ND7_7139 ND7_7082 ND7_7269 ND7_7158 ND7_7430 ND7_7529 ND7_7531 188890_10150165039370011_3126137_n 198106_10150155591840011_3511813_n 614a3968042d68265ef54267a99e2dd6 11090_543594242347828_1897138955_n ND7_9357 dca1ecbb252e2912b167db0a2db74164 (2) ND7_6704 ND7_6394 ND7_6338IMG-20140106-WA0022


29 thoughts on “5 STAR MODELS ®

  1. This site is great I love the natural African use of the model with a charcoal iron in the background…………….classic

  2. nyc but the white backgrd thus not allow us to see d inscriptions written behind it. But aside that its a perfect site and design

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