Step 1

  • *email
  • *first name
  • *last name
  • *address
  • apt/suite
  • *telephone
  • mobile
  • *country
  • *zip code
  • *city
  • *state/
  • *gender  female /male
  • *birthday of applicant
  • *parent/guardian name
  • *parent/guardian phone
  • *parent/guardian email


Step 2

Please complete all the information below.

Tell us all about yourself, especially why you want to be a 5Star Model.

Please submit these measurements for our records. Each category must be filled out for your application to be accepted.

unit of measurement                           imperial (in, lbs)                               metric (cm, kg)
  • *height–
  • *weight
  • dress–
  • chest/cup–
  • hips–
  • waist–
  • shoe–
  • eye color–
  • hair color–


Step 3

  • Photo Submission

    Please upload four photos following the examples below.

  • (Upload limit 600kb, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif formats)


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